Happy Gardens, together with Kalyan Agrosol, has been working on a  soil protection strategy, that is aimed at 


  • the preservation of soil functions

  • the prevention of soil degradation

  • the restoration of degraded soils. 

The decline in organic matter in the soil, contamination, compaction and salinity can reduce the productive capacity of the soil. Such degradation can result from inappropriate farming practices such as unbalanced fertilization, the excessive use of ground water in irrigation, pesticides, over grazing or even the use of heavy machinery and also due to abandonment of proper farming practices.

Desire for quick crops combined with lack of awareness results in the end of traditional crop rotation systems and fertilising practices that used to help the restoration of organic content of the soil.

Happy Gardens mixes soil with organic materials, nutrients and microbes to improve plant performance. 

That means you build soil and root health which translates to improved yield on crops and a reduced need for fertilizers and pesticides on lawns.

Happy Gardens soil mixes helps 

  • Maximize Soil Health

  • Boost Root Architecture

  • Faster Establishment

  • Fewer Fertilizers & Herbicides Needed

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