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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

HG Garden soil is a perfect product for all turfs, whether its a lawn, golf course, landscape or a sports turf. If you are growing stuff and you want it to look greener, or brighter or more vibrant, Happy Gardens Garden Soil is the best product for you.

Its got a couple of key benefits,

One benefit is that you can use it in the heat and the dry and the stressful condition of the summer time. It has a super super low burn potential, if you are worried about spraying fertilizers in t he heat, the HG Garden soil is the way to go.

It is good for both a surge growth, or a long term benefit. Even in winters, when the weather gets cold, HG Garden soil is a good produ

ct. It will feed the lawn over a long period of time, sometimes unto 12 weeks. And you still get that quick color response.

Also, its enriched with biological food sources. The biological food sources are great because, lets admit it, organics is all about biology. Feeding the soil at a microbiological level and with the HG Garden soil, where we combine the ingredients to provide maximum benefit to your soil.

At the end of the day, the micro bio-organisms thrive when they are fed and so if we can feed the microorganisms in the soil, they will be more active, more abundant. On top of that we add a great amount of stimulants, which are great for improving nutrient uptake.

HG Gardens oil has got not worm potential and very very stable. Great opportunity for you to feed the lawn, the trees, the shrubs, the potted plants, flowers all at the same time.

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