Our wood-pressed groundnut oil is made from fresh groundnut which are responsibly grown. The oil is extracted using the wood pressed technology, which leaves the oil rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants, with natural taste and aroma and also a very smooth texture. There is no adulteration, added preservatives, chemicals or any artificial flavours


This can be used for all cooking, baking and beauty requirments. With ample of health benefits such as helping maintain a healthy heart and increasing the GOOD cholesterol, it surely is a healthy option to healthy lifestyle. 

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Wood Pressed Groundnut OIl - 500 ml

500 Milliliters
    • It is loaded with Antioxidants,vitaminsa nd minerals. 
    • It promotes heart health 
    • It may fight cancer
    • It boosts Skin heatlh 
    • It helps improve insulin sensitiviy
    • It helps in restoring years of hair and hair follicle damange and restoring health of your hair 
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