In the urban environment, we are always focussed on what is happening around us and we almost miss out on the fundamental building block of plant life - Soil. Over the years, owing to increased construction and industrial activity, overuse of chemical and synthetic inputs and our own negligence, our soils have degraded and perhaps destroyed the most important aspect of our soils - its biology and the biodiversity of the microorganisms which live in the soils. The recent phenomenon of global viral attacks have forced us to look more sincerely towards Nature and find solutions to enhance our quality of Life. And the most doable and elementary step towards healthy everything is - Healthy Soils ! 


Happy Gardens offers its extensive range of products which  contribute to building Healthy Soils, specially for YOU - The Urban Grower. We strive to make your passion and effort to work with Mother Nature easier, convenient, meaningful and more rewarding !  


Growing in Pots and Containers is the simplest way to establish and strengthen your relationship with Mother Nature and reap all the innumerable benefits and rewards. Your job as a container gardener is to simulate the best conditions and provide a favorable micro-environment for your plants to thrive - adequate air, beneficial microorganisms, organic matter, and nutrients - in a form that won't compact and be too dense. This is directly attributed to the soil that is in your container and to get the right mix is of paramount importance. 

Happy Gardens Potting Soil is a high-quality formulation which provides the soil structure and porosity, increases moisture infiltration and permeability, supplies organic matter, aids in the proliferation of soil microbes, encourages vigorous root growth, improves cation exchange capacity, contains humus, and buffers pH.


Organic matter is perhaps the only soil component that we have any control over. A living soil, with the correct balance of microorganisms, moisture retention and root zone aeration acts to make nutrients available to the plant and ensures healthy and robust growth. 


Happy Gardens Organic Compost is a special formulation to ensure your Lawns and yards are greener, fresher and alive.

Organic Fertiliser : Complete Plant Food

Everyone needs food to grow and stay healthy - and plants are no exception. Adequate nutrition, at the right time and in balanced measure ensures robust growth and resistance from pests and diseases.

Happy Gardens Complete Plant Food has everything that your plants need to blossom and deliver bountiful produce. It comprises a rich blend of 100% all natural macro and micro nutrients from plant and animal sources, fortifying minerals and all the beneficial microbes which keep the soil alive and active. It has a mix of both quick acting nutrient supply as well as slow release elements to ensure balanced and sustained growth.

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